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Kangaroo on the Beach

Leaping Toward a Stronger Future

Kangaroos can travel 15 feet in a single leap. To accomplish this, they use their powerful tail to push off with. At True Legacy we believe and teach that we too, can use what is behind us to propel us forward.

At True Legacy Family Services, we strive to positively impact children and families affected by autism by providing collaborative, individualized, and strength-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) services in the home, community, and school environments, where families often need support the most.  We wholeheartedly believe in and embrace children’s freedom of choice and consent in therapy activities.  We are committed to providing evidence-based therapy that is culturally competent, trauma-informed, and will provide autistic children with the communication, social, and behavioral skills to become independent self-advocates within their families and communities.

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