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Living Your
Best Life

At True Legacy Family Services, our mission is to enrich the quality of life for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities by fostering learning, creativity, and community involvement. 

Live Your Best Life

* PTO for full-time employees include:  1. the week of July 4 off paid,  2. the week of Christmas - New Year's Day off paid, 3. 10 PTO days (includes sick leave, personal, additional vacation, bereavement), 4. Paid holidays

Work Team Meeting

We are advocates not only for our clients, and their families, but also our True Legacy Family. We focus on direction, staying informed, and working together as a team so everyone is cared for and so no one person shoulders too heavy a load. 

        At True Legacy Family Services, you will find a different culture built on real life! The time you spend with us must be nutritive, valuable, and supportive. We focus on the entire person and know that our human resources are our most valuable resources.

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Young Dietitian

When you apply, we are not just thinking about just hiring you, we are also thinking about what it takes to serve you so that you can feel fulfilled, feel valued, and grow. You will receive tools, support, training, respect, and inclusion. We hope you come here for our mission but stay here because of the culture!

Join Our Team

Join Our Team
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